Bare Fiber Cable Fast Connect Mechanical Splice

Bare Fiber Cable Fast Connect Mechanical Splice

Mechanical Splice provides quick and easy fiber splice in the field. It employs the mature V-groove technology, can be widely applicable for splicing different optical cables, optical fiber splicing of floor distribution units (FDU), splicing of the optical drop cables with the pigtails in the multimedia boxes, and repairing any damaged lines to realize firm and reliable splicing in optical fibers. Mechanical Splice applies to connect any single-core multimode fiber and single-core fiber Easy and rapid to operate, safe and reliable.

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Product Details


1.Fiber Optical loss:within -0.5dB
2.Life Span:30 years
3.Incertion Loss:≤0.3dB(typically 0.1dB)
4.Return Loss:≥40dB
5.Tensile Strength:≥454g

Enviromental spec.
1.Operation Temperature:-40℃~-80℃
2.Thermal Cycling:IL change ≤0.3dB
3.Vibration:IL change ≤0.3dB
4.Soaking:IL change ≤0.3dB



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