Fiber Optic Low IL LC Fiber Connector LC Connector

Fiber Optic Low IL LC Fiber Connector LC Connector

LC connector is a more evolutionary approach to achieving the goals of a SFF (small form factor) connector. LC connector utilizes traditional components of a SC duplex connector having independent ceramic ferrules and housings with the overall size scaled down by one half. The LC family of connectors includes a stand-alone simplex design; a “behind the wall” (BTW) connector; and the duplex connector available in both single mode and multimode tolerances, all designed using the RJ-style latch.

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Product Details



  • Have two dismount gap, easy to dismount

  • Streamline design, good aesthetic

  • Uniboot connector cable management

  • Switchable Connector to change polarity

  • MINI Boot & Flex angle boot available

  • Right Angle Clip well for panel management


  • CATV, metro test equipment; FTTH;

  • Telecommunication networks;

  • Local area networks (LAN);

  • Wide area networks (WAN);

  • Premise installations;

  • Data processing networks;

  • Video and military active device termination.

  • Optical Distribution Frame

  • Optical Network Equipments

LC Specification


Single Mode(APC )

Single Mode(PC)

Multi-mode(PC )

Insertion Loss




Return Loss




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