4 FO Fiber Optical Patch Panel

4 FO Fiber Optical Patch Panel

Durable waterproof excellent quality 4 ports desktop mounted small size fiber optic patch panel

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Product Details

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Product Feature

The structure of our  4 FO Fiber Optical Patch Panel is firm, thus to ensure longer service life for use. When the optical fiber passes through the hole in the metal plate and turns along the sharp edge of the structure, a protective sleeve and gasket should be installed. Wherever the core and pigtail are bent, the radius of curvature should not be less than 30mm. The coating layer has a smooth surface, uniform color, no sagging, and no exposed bottom; no burrs and rust on metal parts.

Product Description

This 4 FO Fiber Optical Patch Panel can be an ideal facility used for the formation and distribution of the backbone backbone optical cable in the optical fiber communication system, which can easily realize the connection, distribution and scheduling of optical fiber lines. As the degree of network integration becomes higher, the optical-digital hybrid patch panel that integrates ODF, DDF, and power distribution units has emerged, which is suitable for small-to-medium-sized distribution of fiber-to-the-cell, fiber-to-the-building, remote modules and wireless base stations Line system. In addition, the  movable part of the 4 FO Fiber Optical Patch Panel is flexible in rotation, moderate in insertion and removal, reliable in locking, convenient in construction, installation and maintenance. 

4 ports patch panel

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