Optical LGX Box PLC Splitter

Optical LGX Box PLC Splitter

Optical LGX box PLC Splitter is a small version with a strong protection plastic box. It is usually installed in the FTTH wall mount box and fiber distribution box for fiber optic signal distribution. We offer 1*N, 2*N MINI Plug-in Type PLC splitters, the options of connector and adapter have...

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Product Details

Product Feature

This Optical LGX Box PLC Splitter has a good protection function for the internal optical components and cables. The design is simple and the installation is reliable. In addition to providing reliable protection, it can also be installed in various wiring cabinets or cases. The input fiber and the output fiber are on a layer of optical waveguide made of quartz substrate. The structure is compact and the volume is small. It can provide easier and more flexible wiring. It can be directly installed in the existing various transfer boxes without the need. 


Product Description

This Optical LGX Box PLC Splitter adopts advanced process, which has longer service life for use. Due to the proper size and compact design, it is really easy for installation and there is no special need of maintaining. Compared with ordinary splitter on the market, our Optical LGX Box PLC Splitter has the characteristics of small size, wide working wavelength range, high reliability, and good uniformity of light splitting. 


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