24 Position SC PC Fixture

24 Position SC PC Fixture

Fiber Polish Fixture LC F iber C onnector P olishing F ixture Feature: 1.Special designed for LC/PC connector polishing. 2.36 connectors can be placed for polishing at the same time. 3.Parts may be replaced on the jig, it is effective for polishing cost saving. 4.Both left-handles and...

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Fiber Polish Fixture

LC Fiber Connector Polishing Fixture



1.Special designed for LC/PC connector polishing.

2.36 connectors can be placed for polishing at the same time.

3.Parts may be replaced on the jig, it is effective for polishing cost saving.

4.Both left-handles and right-handles are provided to suit operation need.

5.Water inlet design of the jig comply with the outlet of polishing machine of SG550

6.Easy to expel the dust out during polishing operation

SC Fiber Connector Polishing Fixture



1.Applicate to SC/PC connector polishing

2.High efficiency, and polishing 24 or 32 connectors in one cycle

3.Holders on jig replacable, efficiency for polishing cost saving

4.The geometry dimensions of polished ferrules comply with IEC standards

5.The first pass yield for end face quality reach 100%

FC Fiber Connector Polishing Fixture



*Designed for high volume applications
*Quick change tooling
*Accommodates most connector styles
*Super centering accuracy
*Back reflection: UPC -60dB / APC -70dB (typ.)
*Insertion Loss: 0.2dB (typ.)
*Low Undercut
*Excellent endface geometry
*SG Patented rotation & revolution method

*Utilizes I.P.C. holder technology

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