EWC IT room design introduction

- Jul 11, 2018-

§Process design of energy saving and environmental protection requirements

 1、Electrical §Lighting with high fluorescent lamps, high luminous efficiency, small calorific capacity;  §The room lighting subarea control, multiple circuit design, can reduce the unnecessary waste of energy;  §Electric equipment grounding in uniform three phase network, reduce the three-phase voltage unbalance degree, reduce the energy loss.

2、Decoration §Decorative materials are green environmental protection material;  §Air conditioning area under the floor heat insulation treatment;  §without window (sealing window design ).  

3、Air conditioner §Air conditioner using environmentally friendly refrigerants;  §Air system using temperature, humidity pretreatment units  §Air system installation muffler, reduce the noise generated by the wind pipe  § 

§Process design of anti interference measures 

*§set equipotential copper network under Anti static floor, and connected to equipotential box outlet. Room and other potential grid  connect to structure reinforcement;

*IT room power equipment ground PE, equipment shell, metal pipe, tank shell; wall, a top keel, floor stand, metal wall connected to equipotential copper network, form a Faraday cage grounding grid;

*§In order to prevent electromagnetic interference generated by the power distribution line in the walls, electrical wiring tube use high thickness pipe, metal pipe joint with screw connection;

§*Room UPS terminal wiring with flame retardant and electromagnetic shielding cable, and a metal tube;  §*Radiation type wiring, not circular wiring; 

§Process design of anti interference measures

**Setting combined earthing system for transformer neutral point grounding, UPS output neutral point grounding, electric equipment protection grounding, equipotential earthing, the elevator control system of DC grounding, elv DC grounding and other electronic equipment DC grounding use building grounding body;

*Lamps energy-saving inductance ballasts and compensation capacitor, no room electromagnetic interference, lighting the harmonic component is less than 10%. §  

§Process design of anti deformation design, seismic design

 1、Anti deformation design  Material: decorative materials ( ceiling materials, wall materials, surface materials, other materials ( pipe ) groove, hanger, wind pipe ) has a certain mechanical strength, the floor mechanical performance shall be in accordance with" the activities of anti-static floor general specification";   Overall structure of system anti deformation design: ceiling structure of hanging pieces, keel design, wall structure in the keel design, structure of the floor bracket, wall structure in the keel design, wind pipe in the structure of the hanger design, all kinds of pipelines (power, Elv, refrigerant ) installation fixed structures, design  to fully consider the structure deformation resistance.   

2、Seismic design  Building structure seismic design; 

3、Other  According to the equipment, calculation the floor load  all equipment are all using a stent mounted.

§Process design of dustproof, waterproof, fireproof

1Dustproof design  Room sealed: doors and windows, wall hole processing;  

2Waterproof design The professional design placed on flood generation ( fire, heating etc.); Pay attention to the waterproof, drainage design; On the possible place of water with water leakage alarm system.

3Fire protection design Decorative materials fire rating ( ceiling, floor, wall, partition, cable and other materials ); Power cable  not laying bare; Automatic fire alarm system, automatic fire extinguishing system design; Power supply, ventilation, security and other systems and fire control linkage.

4Thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation IT room structure, heat insulation, sound insulation.

  n  § 

§Overall design concept






§Setup 1 power distribution cabinets. Power source from the building power distribution room, City power supply air-conditioning, lighting and maintenance power supply socket.  UPS power supply servers, switches, storage devices and computer equipment, electricity and the machinery room emergency lighting

§UPS system


IT Room 1 40KVA UPS  APC-MGE Galaxy 3500 40kVA 400V 1 ( 32 ) 65AH 电池 后备时间0.5小时 40KVA UPS   APC-MGE Galaxy 3500 40kVA 400V 1 groups ( 32 ) 65AH battery   standby  time0.5hours  预留扩展位 100% capacity extension. 

IT Room 2 40KVA UPS  APC-MGE Galaxy 3500 30kVA 400V 1 ( 32 ) 65AH 电池 后备时间0.5小时 40KVA UPS   APC-MGE Galaxy 3500 30kVA 400V 1 groups ( 32 ) 65AH battery   standby  time 0.5 hours 预留扩展位 100% capacity extension.

DR1-4 5KVA UPS  APC Smart-UPS RT 5000VA 230V  1 (4 ) 65AH 电池 后备时间0.5小时 5KVA UPS  APC Smart-UPS RT 5000VA 230V  1 groups ( 4 ) 65AH battery   standby time 0.5 hours §  § 

§Lightning protection  & grounding

The design is based on three layer power supply lightning protection. Direct lightning protection by building measures. Lightning protection of power system designed for induction thunder, operating over voltage protection.

Level 1 of protection:use of switch type SPD products, install in the low-voltage distribution cabinet inlet wire switch.

Level 2 of protection:  the voltage limiting type SPD products. Install in UPS input terminal and a distribution cabinet. The lightning protection device designed according to VDE-0675 standard to less than 1000V. It protects the electrical equipment from lightning and switching operation transient over voltage, power lightning protection device arranged in the power distribution cabinet switch front, thereby saving space, also beautiful, easy maintenance, lightning arrester grounding the nearest earth point.

Level 3 of protection: the equipment (such as servers, switches) power supply socket can install lightning protection. §  

§Heat load computation ( caculation process see technical note ) 

Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4  Q5  热负荷小计Heat load  制冷量需求 Min cooling capacity  
IT Room1  15050  1049   0  3439.5  860  20398.5 Kcal/h  23.72KW  
IT Room2  15050  1238.4   0  3601.5  860  20749.9 Kcal/h  24.13KW  
DR1  481.6  137.6   0  1246.5  0  1865.7 Kcal/h  2.17KW  
DR2  481.6  137.6   0  1246.5  0  1865.7 Kcal/h  2.17KW  
DR3  481.6  137.6   0  1246.5  0  1865.7 Kcal/h  2.17KW  
DR4  481.6  137.6   0  1246.5  0  1865.7 Kcal/h  2.17KW  

§Air conditionner

*Considering the future equipment expansion factor, air conditioning refrigeration quantity should be designed to ensure room design margin, 

*Design 25KW refrigerating capacity for IT room 1 & 2. each room use 2 of Stulz CPD291  1+1 Redundancy Air cooled  lower blowing.

*§Each DR set 2.5kw aircon, use Daikin 1HP commercial aircon. Air cooled  upper blowing.  §  

Monitor design

According to centralized monitoring system requirements, design of integrated supervision and control system monitoring region include: Server room

According to the actual requirements, centralized monitoring system mainly includes six sub systems: power distribution monitoring system, UPS monitoring subsystem, air conditioning system, water leakage detection subsystem, temperature and humidity monitoring system, fire alarm monitoring system. Through the RS485 bus connecting the various subsystems, forming an intelligent Server room power and environment centralized monitoring system.   §


 Server room is the important electronic information protection areas. Must design a safe, reliable, advanced fire protection system to ensure the safe operation of the Server room. According to the code for fire protection design and tender requirements, fire system use FM200  pipe network type gas fire fighting system. The system has automatic, manual, mechanical emergency operation three starting ways. § 


 1、Fiber optic  backbone cabling system: 24core indoor multimode 10G cable. § 

 2、Copper cabling  system: cat6 unshielded  twisted pair, adopt a unified  independent ELV cabling  § 

§Design code & standard

-§GB50174-2008 code for design of electronic Server room

-§GB / T2887-2000 specification for electronic computer field

-§GB9361-88 safety requirements for computation center field §

-GB6650-86 Server room floor activities and technical requirements §

-SJ / T30003 code for construction and acceptance of electronic Server room §

-GB5004-95 code for fire protection design of buildings §

-GB1838 - 93 indoor decoration engineering quality requirements §

- GB50222-95 design of interior decoration of buildings

-GBJ52-82 industrial and civil power supply system design code

-§GBJ54-83 low voltage power distribution device and circuit design code

-§JGJ / T16 - 92 code for electrical design of civil buildings

-§GB50054-95 code for design of low voltage

- YD / T585 1999 distribution equipment for Telecommunications  §  

 -§YD5040-97 code for design of telecommunications power supply equipment installation

-§YD / T 1051-2000 Communication Bureau ( station ) the total power system technical requirements §

-YD / T 1058-2000 communication with combined high frequency switching mode power supply §

-YD / T 5098-2001 Communication Bureau ( station ) lightning over voltage protection engineering design specification

-§YD / T 1095 a 2000 information technology equipment of uninterruptible power supply for general technical conditions

-§GBJ232-83 electrical equipment installation engineering code for construction and acceptance of §

-GB50168-92 electric equipment installation engineering code for construction and acceptance of cable line

-§GB50169-92 electric equipment installation engineering code for construction and acceptance of grounding device  §

 --GB50172-92 electrical equipment installation engineering code for construction and acceptance of battery §

-GB50259-96 electric equipment installation engineering code for construction and acceptance of electric lighting device §

-GB50243-97 ventilation and air conditioning engineering code for construction and acceptance of §

-GBJ235 industrial pipeline engineering construction and acceptance

-§GB3091 low pressure fluid delivery galvanized welded steel pipe

-§GB50057-94 design code for protection of structures

-§GB7450-87 guidance for lightning protection for electronic equipment

-GB50343-2004 of building electronic information system §

-IEC1312 protection against lightning electromagnetic impulse

-§IEC 61643 SPD power lightning protection device §

-IEC 61644 SPD communication network lightning protection device

-§VDE0675 over voltage protector  § 

 -GB / T 50314-2000 standard for design of intelligent building §

-GB50198-94 civil closed-circuit monitoring television system design specification §GB4943-95 information technology equipment including electrical equipment safety

-§GA 247-2000 ) of the people's Republic of China public security industry standard §

-GA 3082001 security system acceptance rules §

-GA T-94 security engineering procedures and requirements  §  

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