Flat microduct systems

- Apr 25, 2019-

Flat microduct systems

Microducts are small ducts, typically between 7 and 20 mm in diameter, intended for the installation offibre-optic cables. They can be used either as single pipes or grouped as bundles in either a round or flat configuration with a sheath to hold the bundle together.

Thin-walled microducts provide minimal protection, and are intended for installation in existing duct infrastructure. Thick-walled microducts have a 2-mm wall thickness that provides protection from crush, distortion and corrosion and are suitable for direct burial (providing that they are installed correctly - duct bundles should be covered by sand before backfilling and compression.) With thick-walled designs, the sheath doesn’t need to provide protection, its purpose is to fix the microducts in the bundle and to carry a colour or stripe for identification.

Flat microduct bundles are a more recent development. The flat configuration is resistant to twisting, which enables smoother installation.

Microduct bundles in a round design

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