How to distinguish Singlemode fiber optic patch cord and Multimode fiber optic patch cord ?

- Jan 23, 2019-

1.  According to the fiber type  , 9/125um this data is a important feature of singlemode fiber  ,  now most been used for making  fiber optic patch  cord  singlemode fiber have 3 type  :  G657A1 , G652A2 and  G652D etc  .

    Compare  singlemode  fiber ,  multimode  fiber  usually  have 2 important data features  ,   50/125um or              62.5/125um  . 50/125um multimode fiber and 62.5/125um multimode fiber all   widely applied ,  depends            on  customers choices  .   

       And  in multimode  fiber , some   type  fiber is special  ,  one type is OM3 fiber  (10GB fiber ).  The OM3              fiber optic cable   transmission distance   can up to 300M  . OM3 fiber  most been used type is OM3-150          and OM3-300 type  .     And other special multimode fiber is OM4 fiber ,  the transmission distance better          than OM3 fiber optic cable  .

2.    According to the patch cord  color  ,  the singlemode fiber optic patch cord , most  color is  yellow  , the multimode fiber optic patch cord  , most color is  orange  ,

OM3 fiber optic patch cord , most color is  aqua   , OM4 fiber  optic patch cord usually purple .

3.   According the label ,  singlemode fiber optic  patch cord usually have a abbreviation  to “ SM “ to indicate this is singlemode  fiber  ,  multimode will abbreviate “MM”   .

OM3 fiber and OM4 fiber are special multimode , will remark directly  , OM3 and  OM4  .            

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