Hybrid Video Surveillance Networks

- Jul 23, 2018-

Hybrid Video Surveillance Networks

Many video security and surveillance networks are undergoing transformation

~Conversion from Analog-based to IP-enabled video networks

~Analog and IP cameras will inevitably co-exist

Continue to maintain existing Analog network?

~Many security networks will continue to be analog-based

~Distance reduction when moving to IP video will impede copper-based overhauls

Video Servers / Codecs can ease this transition

~Enjoy the benefits of IP camera technology without replacing existing analog cameras


Hybrid Video over Fiber Network

Extended reach of video security and surveillance networks

~Leading to quality, bandwidth and transmission distance issues

~Cameras may be located beyond the reach of traditional copper cabling

~Or beyond the reach of the original network design

Fiber can provide many benefits

~Increased transmission distances –extended reach

~mmunity to electrical interference –improved video quality

~reater security –less risk to tampering

~Smaller, lighter and stronger –easier installation

Media Conversion can ease the transition to fiber

~Utilize existing network security equipment –save on investment

~Benefits of PoE can still be utilized

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