SNR-FT-E Fiber Optic Termination Box

- Dec 17, 2018-

1. Area of Applications

SNR-FT-E termination box suits for jointing fibers with fiber pigtail and it protects fiber optic splices and helps to distribute. The termination box is either a wall-mounting type or desktop type, which is mainly used in telecommunication equipment room and network equipment room.


2. Applicable fiber cables

GP-Ais applicable for splicing 1 piece of fiber cable with max. diameter Ø16mm and 2 piece of fiber cable with max. diameter Ø 11mm; or 2 pieces of fiber cables with diameter Ø16mm.


3. Features

. The structure of MCO FOSC is innovative, designed in up-down bisection. Its installation is simple. By untightening one piece of fixing nut, it succedds in opening the housing and it allows fiber cable and fiber pigtail to pass in and out in single side.

. The housing of MCO FOSC is made of high strength polycarbonate plastic materials, which has mechanical strength, therefore it is reliable and long-lasting. It is of nice shape and beautiful appearance.

. Tray 009 is designed in SLIDE-IN-LOCK and its opening angle is above 90o. Therefore it is easy for installation and maintenance. The curved diameter meets with the international standard. The capacity of tray 009 is 6-12 cores.

. The elastic material is used to fix fiber pigtail. When the end of fiber pigtail can not be determined(it is not used for the moment), it is possible to wind fiber pigtail into clasp. Whenever it is needed, the active connector could be installed outside of the housing. Therefore it can connect termination equipment without connecting adapters.


4. Main points during operation

. While stripping fiber cable, reserve reinforced core with 35mm length.(it is used for the distance from fixing point of fiber cable to fixing device of reinforced core)

. Reserve fiver with protective coat in 100mm or so (it is used for the distance from fixing point of fiber cable to fixing point of FOST)

. After splicing, the initial round of spliced fiber is proposed to put along the inner

   edge of the tray and the rest bending as round with diameter not less than Ø 80mm

   inside the tray. Fiber pigtail could be winded on clasp outside of FOST.


5. List of Accessories





Heat shrinkable   protective sleeve


Configuration as per capacity

Nylon tie


Configuration as per capacity

Labeling paper



Plastic   shrinkable tube










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