Features: 1. Connector with gold-plating ethernet splitter; 2. 1x RJ45 male to 4x RJ45 female; 3. RJ45 CAT5e connector; 4. Shielded modular splitter for ISDN or telephone applications 5. Constructed with an ABS plastic housing for durability 6. For more RJ45 passive splitter options Free Samples...

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Product Details

Product Feature

This ISDN SPLITTER ADAPTER is used at the line interface to separate high-frequency ADSL signals and audio telephone signals. It realizes the function of separating low frequency bands carrying audio signals and high frequency bands for ADSL Modem modulation through low-pass filters and high-pass filters to achieve the mixing and reception of signals at the transmitting.


Product Description

This ISDN SPLITTER ADAPTER features advanced process, which has the characteristics of instantaneity and repeatability. Equipped with excellent transmission technology, it uses traditional telephone copper wires as the transmission medium. In addition, the ISDN SPLITTER ADAPTER  separates the audio signal on the line from the high-frequency digital modulation signal, and sends the audio signal into the switch, and the high-frequency digital modulation signal enters the ADSL access system. Due to the high performance, it protects the ADSL signal from telephone-related signals, especially for dial pulses, ringing cut-off signals to ADSL Receiver interference. 


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