Classification Of Fiber Optic Connectors

- Mar 13, 2018-

Type FC fiber optic connector

FC is the abbreviation of Ferrule Connector, which indicates that the external strengthening method is using metal sleeve and fastening mode for screw buckle. Such connectors are simple in structure, easy to operate and easy to manufacture, but the fiber ends are sensitive to the dust and are prone to generate Finel reflection, which is difficult to improve the return loss performance. Later, the connector was improved, and the pin with spherical surface was used as the butt end (PC), while the external structure did not change, which made the performance of insertion loss and return loss greatly improved.

Type SC fiber optic connector

The shell is rectangular and the structure size of the pin and the coupling sleeve is exactly the same as that of the FC type. The end faces of the pins are mostly PC or APC type grinding methods, and the fastening mode is to use the plug latch type without rotation. This kind of connector is low in price, convenient in plug operation, small in interference loss, high in compressive strength and high in installation density.

Double cone connector (Biconic Connector)

The most representative products by the Baer laboratory developed this kind of optical fiber connector, which consists of two end precision molding is cylindrical conical plug coupling component and a double tapered plastic sleeve with internal composition. The DIN47256 fiber connector is a kind of connector developed by Germany. The structure size of the pin and coupling sleeve used in this connector is the same as that of the FC type, and the end face treatment adopts the PC grinding method.

MT-RJ type connector

MT-RJ started with the MT connector developed by NTT, with the same latch mechanism as the RJ-45 LAN electrical connector. It is aligned to the optical fiber on the two sides of the small bushing, and is easy to connect with the optical transceiver.

LC type connector

The LC type connector is developed by the famous Bell (Baer) Institute, and is made of the mechanism of the latch mechanism of the modular socket (RJ), which is convenient to operate. The sizes of the pins and sleeves used are half the size of the ordinary SC, FC and so on, and 1.25mm. This can increase the density of the optical fiber connector in the fiber wire frame.

MU type connector

MU (Miniature unit Coupling) connector is the smallest single core optical fiber connector in the world based on the most widely used SC connector and developed by NTT. The connector uses the 1.25mm diameter casing and the self holding mechanism. The advantage of this connector is that it can be installed in high density. Using the l.25mm diameter casing of MU, NTT has developed the MU connector series.

MC connector

In 2012, the domestic communications company independently developed a MC connector that is smaller and denser than the LC connector. MC optical fiber active connector has high density. It can reach two times of the LC connector in the same space. It is the smallest volume and the highest density connector in the world.

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