Fiber Optic Continuation Classification

- Mar 13, 2018-

The optical fiber continuity can be divided into two major categories: the fixed connection of the optical fiber (commonly known as the dead joint), the active connection (commonly known as the live joint). The active connection is generally connected in the machine room, and the optical fiber is connected by the light flange plate. The method is flexible and convenient, and the operation is simple. Fiber optic fixation is one of the most common methods in the construction of optical fiber cable line, and its connection methods include two kinds of welding method and non fusion method. At present, most of the fixed connection of optical fiber adopt fusion method. The advantage of this method is that the contact loss of optical fiber is small, the reflection loss is large, [1] is safe and reliable, and it is little affected by the outside world. The biggest drawback is the need for expensive welding equipment.

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