Free Space Optics (FSO) Is Shaping The Future Of Telecom Industry

- May 05, 2018-

The FSO market is majorly driven by the factors such as last mile connectivity, free licensing of FSO, and alternative solution for overburdened RF technology for outdoor networking.

The FSO & VLC markets have also been segmented on the basis of applications. The applications of FSO include mobile backhaul, enterprise connectivity, disaster recovery, defense, satellite, healthcare, security, engineering and design, and others.

Mobile backhaul and smart stores applications hold the largest share of the FSO & VLC markets, respectively

The mobile backhaul application of FSO held the largest market share of the overall FSO market, whereas the smart stores application of VLC held the largest market share of the overall VLC market in 2016. As the mobile backhaul application was the early adopter of FSO technology, it holds the largest market share. On the other hand, as smart stores were the early adopters of VLC technology, they hold the largest share of the overall VLC market in 2016 and the trend for smart stores is expected to continue till the commercialization of bidirectional VLC applications.

Some of the key players in the free space optics market are LightPointe Communications, Inc. (U.S.), fSONA Networks Corp. (Canada), Plaintree Systems Inc. (Canada), Wireless Excellence Ltd. (U.K.), and Trimble Hungary Kft. (Hungary), among others. The key players in Visible Light Communication Market include Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Netherlands),

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