General Structure Of Fiber Optic Connector

- Mar 13, 2018-

The main purpose of the fiber optic connector is to realize the connection of the optical fiber. Now the fiber optic connector has been widely used in the optical fiber communication system, which has many kinds and different structures. But careful study, the basic structure of various types of optical fiber connector is consistent, namely, the vast majority of the optical fiber connector generally adopts high precision components (by two pin and a coupling pipe consists of three parts) to realize fiber alignment connection.

This method is to penetrate and fix the fiber in the needle, and the needle surface is polished and the alignment is realized in the coupling tube. The external components of the needle are made of metal or non metal materials. The butt end of the needle must be grind, and the other end usually uses a bending limit member to support the fiber or fiber optic cable to release the stress. The coupling tube is usually made of ceramic or bronze materials, made of two semi synthetic and fastened cylindrical components, and metal or plastic flanges are used to facilitate the installation and fixation of connectors. In order to aim at the optical fiber as accurately as possible, the machining precision of the pin and coupling tube is very high.

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