Global Optical Networking And Communication Market Development And Demand Forecast To 2023

- May 08, 2018-

Optical networking and communication market study refers to the type of communication network in which transmission of data or information takes place through optical fiber as the communication medium. Optical communication merely uses light for transmission and is the only initial step in optical networking. Optical networking and communication market includes optical components such as multiplexers, lasers, photo detectors and others. Optical components in optical networking and communication are used to adjust state of light through various means such as changing intensity, reflection, refractive index and others.

Factors driving the growth of optical networking and communication market are large bandwidth provided by WDM at comparatively lower cost per unit, increasing telecom industries, industry growth for broadband subscribers, rise in adoption of cloud based services, growing deployment for data or call centers, growing demand for 100G and others.

On the basis of geography, Europe is the largest market, in terms of revenue, for the optical networking and communication. North America and Asia-pacific regions (including India, Russia, Japan and Middle East) are the potential markets for the expansion of optical networking and communication that provide momentum to the development of optical networking and communication market due to rapid growth of power generation and infrastructure.

Some of the major competitors in the optical networking and communication market are Huawei Technology Co. Ltd, Cisco systems, Verizon Communications Inc, Ericsson Inc, Alcatel-Lucent, Inc., CIENA Corporation, JDS Uniphase Corporation, Macom technology Solutions Holdings Inc

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