Optical Fiber Continuation Steps

- Mar 13, 2018-

1. stripping the fiber coating layer:

The fiber coating layer is stripped by the coating remover (MILLER forceps) for about 30~40mm, and then wipe away the surface of the fiber by washing the paper or gauze with alcohol free, until the sound of squeaks is released. In the denudation, we should pay attention to the moderate and uniform force, overforce the general assembly to damage the core or cut off the fiber, and do not peel off the fiber sheath.

2. optical fiber end face processing:

This is the key to the optical fiber continuous processing technology, and the end face directly affects the quality of the continuity. Fiber cutting uses the brittleness of quartz glass to reach the smooth section of the optical fiber, without burr. If the operation is not appropriate, there will be some phenomena such as the tilt of the fiber section, the gap, the burr or the core damage. It causes poor continuity. The cutting length of the core is determined by the limit of the welding machine or the length of the heat shrinkable tube, which is generally 16 + 0.5mm.

3. fiber splicing:

The prepared fiber end is placed in the V groove welding machine, welding machine with the "SET" button to complete the entire weld took kind (including adjustable interval, focusing, cleaning, surface inspection, core, welding, inspection and presumption of loss in operation, action) the process should avoid face with any local contact, keep the core clean.

4. fiber optic joint protection:

It is mainly to increase the tensile and bending strength of the joint. The core set of heat shrinkable sleeve gently moved to the welding parts (prior to welding, the protective tube into one end of the optical fiber), welding parts must be in the center of the protection tube, and protective tube into the heater welding machine, with the left side of the fiber press down gently, make the left side the clamp on optical fiber. Then gently press the right - right fiber, close the right - right fiber, and close the heater cover. Then the "HEAT" button is connected. The red light on the panel is on, and the heater begins to heat until the end of the casing is fully contracted. At the same time, we should pay attention to ensure the cleaning of the covering parts of the optical fiber, keep the fiber straight, and do not distort the splicing part of the fiber. If the shrinkage is not uniform, the heating time can be extended, and the heating temperature can be reduced if the bubble is generated during heating.

5. remaining fiber discs:

In order to ensure the continuous quality of optical fiber and facilitate the repair of future joints, fiber must have a certain length of fiber on both sides of the joint, which is usually used for disc fiber and the length of the remaining fiber should be more than 1 meters. Different optical cable connection boxes have different processing methods. The general method is to wrap the remaining fiber around the tray of the continuous box, and try to make large circles. The bending radius should not be less than 3.5cm.

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