Performance Description Of Optical Fiber Wiring Box

- Mar 13, 2018-

Mechanical properties

The durability life of the connector is >1000 times.

The radius of curvature is controlled to ensure that the radius of curvature of the fiber in any position is greater than 30mm.

A clear identification of each optical fiber is made to avoid the disassembly that may lead to disassembly during the maintenance process.

Flame retardant: comply with the requirements of GB5169.7 experiment A.

Electrical properties

Connector attenuation (insertion, swap, repeat) less than 0.3dB;

Return loss: APC > 60dB, UPC > 50dB, PC > 40dB;

High pressure protective grounding device:

Insulation resistance: 1000M ohm /500V (DC).

High voltage: 3000V (DC) /1min, no breakdown, no flashover.

The ground line section area: >6mm2, there is an obvious grounding sign at the ground.

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